Does Photography Lead to Burnout?

Today I wanted to talk about a subject that too many photographers know all to well. Burnout.

I was listening to an incredible podcast on NPR this weekend about the man who discovered burnout after diagnosing himself through self-evaluation.

It made me sit back and think about the years of my own photography career and how much of that time I’ve spent facing the brutal depths of burnout. From the outside, it looks like a profession from that is all fun and games, you take photos and have fun times while traveling the world. This may be true, but photographers are also isolated for most of their time. Countless hours spent editing photos alone in your office or living room. You don’t have the typical desk job relationships or even have most weekends free like regular folk.

If I have any advice, it is to catch burn out early. Don’t push yourself too hard. Take care of your body. Find hobbies and outside friends. Don’t just do photography with all of your working life and free time.

I’ve found yoga to be extremely beneficial. The mental and physical aspects kill two birds with one stone. Being able to meditate and get a workout in is a definite time saver for the time crunched photographer trying to be as efficient as possible with their off time.